From 23andMe to Nutrigenomix

Couple of months ago, I decided to buy 23andme Test. I was excited and couldn’t wait to receive my results.

I made a video of different stages and so far until now, I haven’t made the effort to make an update video.

Check my video below:


Now, I took into consideration several people suggestions and yes, I did download my raw data to two different databases.
GED Match was tricky to understand and jus left it be, and the DNA Land was nice and user friendly.

Now, I will make a video eventually.
The other day I read about food and genetics. How our genes determines what we should consume to help us maintain a perfect weight.
As soon as I read it, I had a look through the Company that is advertising the service around the world (Nutrigenomix). For some reason the ”nutrition” places around me didn’t offer the service, so I decided to email them to ask if my raw data from 23andme would still work.
Unfortunately for the moment it doesn’t… but they are looking to develop a tool. However for my case, I will need to do a new sample as the representative quoted;

 They do not have data on 6-8 of the 45 genetics markers that we examine (the number of missing markers depends on when you ordered your 23andMe test and which panel they used at the time) 

So that is all for now. I think I will have a think if I should go further with the test. As it hasn’t sold me completely.

If you have done it, has it worked for you? would you recommend it?


Tania Beltran



Well, I joined the site back in October and I just had a look to see that not one has seen my page. Feels like goshtown, and I love it!

I guess I have to share my page and so on. But my posts is not really that interesting. Is made for me to let it all out on the net rather than on paper, with new technology, it feels easier to type rather than write, like I used to do.
My boyfriend gave me an iPad for my birthday. Yes, three days ago. I turned 28…

Where did all the time go? I don’t think it has sink in yet. I feel like I am floating in mid air with numbers all around me.
Good thing is, that now I can just type away my thoughts anytime I want with this expensive present.

I realised I don’t read anymore. I have some many books to catch up with, and still nothing.
Maybe that should be my new year resolution, read more and be more calm.
I don’t want to think about what will happen this year. With the world. I really don’t want to know. I guess I will go day by day.
So many people out there have been unfortunate to have their lives taken away from them, their homes, countries.
Hmm, better not open the box, the box I managed to close 2 days ago with the power of my mind.

Until next time

Tania Beltran

I failed

Looking back at my last post. I can’t believe is been over two years!

I haven’t achieved what I was determined to do. Instead I been living my life just like any other regular person.( trying to earn money to survive).

I had ambition when I was at university, and now that flare has wasted away with the whiff of reality and corruption everywhere I set my eyes on.

I now understand, how people keep quiet and continue with their lives on their own way.

I think, I have become that person. The person I never wanted to be. The person, who is not out there helping ladies who doesn’t have a voice of their own.

Why? because, I feel I don’t have that voice for them, I don’t even have the voice for me!

The times, I let people talk to me like I am worthless. Only, because I am too scared to stand up to myself.

Is scary how many people out there live their life’s with NO CARE for other human beings or welfare of animals, I watch from afar, people wearing leather/ fur like is the best thing they have achieved within their small narrow minded life.

Yes, I have been beaten, to the cruel reality of life and today’s selfish and greedy world.

I been focusing on helping people near me, and also trying to help myself, not to succumb to this horrid era that I am unfortunate to live in.

I stopped myself, from becoming a journalist, because I was scared of my small 10% dyslexia.

Is hard to admit my failures, but here it is.

World 1. Tania 0, World you won.

Random thought

There is so much that I will like to write about. 

Not enough energy in my fingerprints to do so. 

Sometimes I will just like to float in the middle of the ocean and let the waves take me to my inner peace.

No more worries

No more people

No more problems

No more

Just my mind floating away.

Long Island serial Killer

I just watched a documentary about the killings in Long island, New York.

11 bodies were found during the course of the time and each one of them were killed in different years.

After watching the Channel 4 documentary, I tried to look it up through the helpful media website call Google, to this day they haven’t found a suspect. Two more bodies have been found around the area and there are still girls missing around Long Island.

The documentary portrays the lack of police work at the beginning of each case, which suggests it could have been prevented if they took the families call for help for their missing child seriously.

It is known a phone can be traced to its actual location and that way they could have found the second person that went missing in 2009. As the sister received calls from the killer through her sister’s phone for the period of 7 months. You don’t need to call the phone, as long as the phone is active it can be located as a Sat Nav.

I can’t believe to this day no one has been caught.

Slow start

Blogging is not for me.

I hardly have anything to talk about.

Recently I realise that I should stop being so gullible. A person offered to help me find a career in my field, I of course believed it because why a person so important would make time to help me out of their way?

Once I contacted the individual. it somehow turn out with loads of obstacles and at the end it turned out it was all a farce.

Told me to apply for charities and write a cover letter explaining why me… and the individual will look at it.

I haven’t bothered to email back as its just an excuse, another barrier not to help me.

I’m starting to realise I’m opening myself to the real cruel world.

I am disappointed.

Either way I notice five people from Russia read my blog and that has made me a bit more content. I never thought anyone would read my blog as is nothing important so far.  So Thank You for taking the time  to read me.

I promise to write more often.

Mostly about the books I am reading. such as the one I just finished Gommorrah By Roberto Saviano.

A book that just gave me an insight in what really happens in  front  of our eyes and we choose not to notice. We don’t want to notice.

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