True Crime Podcasts

well I have to say that wow I am amazed by how many true crime podcasts are out there. Just like I wrote last week about the amazing ‘Small Town Murder’ which is straight to the point and gives account of full facts and proof.  Somehow I stumbled to another podcast which is clearly not […]

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Small Town Murder

If you haven’t already, please listen to podcast ”Small Town Murder”. I am currently addicted to their stories. Tow comedians talk in each episode about  one small town, the whole background of the town and then one murder that affected the town. They really search in depth to make sure they inform with stats and […]

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Takahiro Shiraishi’s serial?

It’s funny how if you google Takahiro Shiraishi’s, all the news articles brands him as a serial killer. Do they really think the readers doesn’t know what a serial killer means? If you don’t know what it means here it is a Wikipedia explanation; A serial killer is typically a person who murders three or more […]

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Takahiro Shiraishi’s mystery

I just read about Takahiro Shiraishi’s news. If you haven’t read it already,  I can give you a quick summary; ‘Takahiro Shiraishi’s has been caught yesterday 30th October 2017 due to a brother looking for his missing sister, it has come to the light that her brother saw a tweet from her Twitter account stating “scared of […]

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