There has been tons of different crazy news all over the world, day after day.

Just reminding me how Fucked up we really are. I do wonder if we are in fact in hell. I guess it could be worse? I can see how bad it can get, but we are screwed either way.

I watched 13th documentary last night, and even though I knew the topic… having a 100 minute documentary reminding you and showing you graphic images. Just made you wake up in another level. I then think about Europe… Well that is another story.

I also watched the new TV show OA, and it was emotional! Again a different perspective to our world. It will be nice, to know, there is an after life. That people will be punished for their behaviour to others and unfair treatment to animals.

I guess, I can just hope.

The only reason, I decided to write today, was because of the news of a hacker on WordPress? so I thought I check my little blog.


Until next time

Tania Beltran


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