The World’s 20 Worst Crimes Part 2

Going through the book, midway I notice that every story had me thinking of different ways to make it better.

I thought I better stop and start accumulating my questions and thoughts of each story. As you know, is easy to read a book in just couple of hours and then realise that there were many unexplained answers.

The Hillside Stranglers

IMG_6717.JPGNow the first story, I estimated that it really didn’t have to be there. The only thing I found interesting is how the murder reacted at the time of the arrest. Bianchi was nonchalant and cooperative, like he didn’t know what was happening. In the other hand Buono was opposite of Bianchi. He came across arrogant and rude to officers. Bianchi showed multiple disorders and he cooperated to take hypnosis sessions. Throughout the sessions and therefore afterwards Bianchi came clean and told the whole truth, which implicated his cousin Buono.

They both killed 12 people in L.A, 10 of those in a 6 week period.

Apart from that, the story wasn’t interesting. It didn’t have enough cause to captivate me. A story of two cousins killing without any worries that just got away with for way too long.

I give the story a 0 out of 5.

The Freeway Killer 


While reading Mr Bonin story. Three things stroke me as odd, probably four. This story was the main reason I thought I should make a review of the whole book.

Q1. The book mentions that Bonin had two accomplices. [How were they convinced to assist Bonin in his killing spree?].

Q2. The analogue of specific murders reads as if the writer was a witness or took part of the murder, the fact that the writer doesn’t specify where they received the information just makes the whole analogue painful to read.

Q3. A neighbour heard screams coming from Bonin’s house ”like a horror movie” for hours. [When did they neighbour heard? Did the neighbour informed officials there and then or after Bonin’s arrest? And how did the writer acquired the information?]

Q4. Bonin was only caught because an 18yr old informed the police… again the writer doesn’t explain if the 18yr old was arrested and then decided to come clean or the person just decided to walk in to the station. Was the 18yr old involved too?

A1. Even though the book mentions just two accomplices. I was in utter shock, I wonder how on earth did he managed to persuade two different individuals. I had a look at Murderpedia to find out that in fact Bonin had four accomplices! It felt like I was blind for so long throughout my whole crime career. I know it reads odd, but it never occurred to me that several people had become criminals because they were lured to assist the actual serial killer, and then I thought to myself,  what if other serial killers had co-defendants too and we know nothing about it?! ”Boom” my mind exploded. I think is because is not a subject that has been discussed in depth.

A2. There is no evidence the writer received that much information, the writer should have specified, it makes me think they writer just made it up for the sake making words on paper.

A3. Again no evidence from the neighbour, the story would be worse if the neighbour came clean after Bonin’s arrest, because that individual could have prevented years of murders.

A4. Murderpedia doesn’t inform either about the 18yr old. Bonin could have become one of the minority that got away with murder.

It is quite clear that Bonin’s serial killing spree started right after the war, the story started with the step by step of his legal injection. To the very end Bonin never broke, he didn’t show any remorse and it could be said that the reason was because the war shaped him that way. There is no question that the story could have been better executed. I don’t like fiction and it felt like that kind of book. I’m not going to lie it really sucked. To top it all off, the story is confusing and pure speculation without any backed up evidence.

For that reason I give this story a 2 out of 5.

The Lady Killer


Mr Bundy story wasn’t hard to swallow, in fact it was a story well executed with all 5 W’S. Mr Bundy was categorised as the kind of psychopath all psychologist examine for in their own patients. Bundy was smart and successful. He graduated in psychology and was studying a law degree. He was a volunteer to a variety of charities and campaigned for the Republican Party. ”I know, who has that much time?!”

He was as we all know, the hidden ”Perfect” individual. The one, that no one suspected.Adrian

I read about Bundy’s character in ”The Anatomy of Violence” by Adrian Raine.
Now Mr Raine book is mind blowing, I totally recommend it if you are interested in crime, psychopathy and the root of violence. I was tempted to write a review about Raine’s book, but I don’t have any negative feedback. All I have to say is a MUST read book for crime. It gives you an understanding of different individuals and what may trigger someone to kill.
Raine proves with diverse of different research; if is it in their genes, circumstances while growing up or even brain function, with proven cases of different serial killers and murderers.

Going back to Bundy, all through his killing spree, he kept calm. Bundy was interrogated couple of times and he always kept his composure. He only got caught because he let his guard down. Once convicted, he decided to represent himself. He tried to escape several times and finally succeeded. Now you would think that any individual, would have tried to stay away from crime, but he didn’t. He killed again, but this time it was sloppy and desperate. He left two victims alive, and left his biting denture on one of his kills, it was for that reason he finally got convicted to the electric chair.

Bundy once sentenced kept his ”innocence” statement and blamed the media for his malpractice verdict.

Bundy did tried to contact the families of the people he killed, to give them some type of closure, in fact he only did so just to prolong his sentence, but he didn’t succeed. At the very end he never showed any remorse, in fact he kept his mouth sealed.

I give this story a 4 out of 5.

The Rostov Ripper

Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo most known as the Rostov Ripper, was one of many serial killers that could have been prevented. At this stage and date, no one should undergo the same treatment he received throughout his childhood.

The story from the book again is very specific in certain killings, and as I mentioned before, I don’t know how the writer composed most of it.
Chikatilo once captured talked in detail about each murder- But not in the same way the writer explained as seen below;

”Andrei wiped the saliva from the corner of his mouth barely to contain his excitement ”

As the quotation above, we know that Chikatilo couldn’t have gone into so much detail.
During confession, he admitted to 36 murders and then after his confession, the murders went up to 53 that could be proven. The story portrayed Chikatilo as a cannibal & sexual predator.

He was an individual who changed due to his life experiences. From the book, we learn;

1. throughout his childhood he is told about his deceased brother that was killed due to the famine for the family to survive. Enable him to accept that in certain circumstances cannibalism is acceptable.

2. During the war, he witnessed his mother be raped by several soldiers, scaring him for life.

3. While in the army, Chikatilo himself was bullied and sexually raped by several soldiers.

4. After the war, he couldn’t perform and therefore it took him longer to conceived a child with his new wife.

Yes, Chikatilo after a horrid life experience, finished a university degree, found a wife, had kids and somehow he still ended up killing, bitting, eating and ejaculating on several cadavers.

By the book description, it was his only way to accomplish any sexual erection.

Chikatilo didn’t get caught earlier because his semen (AB) was a different type than his actually blood type (A). So even though he was questioned by police, they had to let him go, sadly he continued with his uncontrollable appetite. He finally got caught by acting. shifty with a strange woman.

The story was again so-so. I really wanted to know more about his family. The story demonstrated that Chikatilo was the kind of individual that should have had help from the very beginning.

Due to unfinished topics, I give this story a 2 out of 5.

The Candy Man

Unfortunately the story of Dean Corll was mostly about the day a kid called the police and found Corll dead naked at his own house.

The whole story was about the two young boy’s confession, How they assisted Corll with his mass killings. Because of the confession police was able to find around 23 bodies under the floor of a boat shed and another 4 bodies buried in other locations. Unfortunately, we don’t obtain nothing else other than the aftermath. The book doesn’t disclose Corll background. All we know is that he had two accomplices that were underage when Corll found them. Both accomplices helped in capturing other kids for his torture and kills.

For that reason I give this story a 0 out of 5.

Now most of these stories is delivered as fiction, because of the way the writer elaborates in most of the killings with specifics that a killer wouldn’t have remembered such as;

”Yelena pulled her collar up, put her head down against the chill wind” ” Andrei wiped the saliva from the corner of his mouth barely to contain his excitement” Pg42

This is a tiny example of what I have to deal with. Another subject that came to my mind was the ”accomplices”.
This is a new one for me after being such a fan of true crime. It made me think of the accomplices we are not been made aware of.

The notion that few serial killers were capable to persuade people to assist them with their killing spree.  I wonder HOW they were convinced. What power the killer must have had on the individuals. I know a few individuals might have had a susceptible intellect, or frail nature, but even so I wonder how they were persuaded to join in.

What if there is more out there than haven’t come out to the light?. What if they got caught up under the moment? I do wonder quite a bit but, I haven’t expanded further than now.

On my next story I will write about:

The Milwaukee Monster
The Stockwell Strangler
The Brooklyn Vampire
Pogo The Clown
The Planfield Butcher


The Worlds 20 Worst Crimes (Book Review part 1)

I bought the book  ”The worlds 20 worst crimes”  because it caught my eye, the fact that it was made as a must read  for a devotee of True Crime, THE Serial Killer book. It grasped my attention, reading the list of serial killers and the synopsis, I just had to buy the book.

I must say before I continue, that I am the person who loves stories, I was that kind of child that begged family members to tell me stories, no matter what it was. Now as an adult, I read books like mythology which reveals stories from different gods, such as Greek gods to Egyptian etc, and therefore I have ended up reading books with mini horror stories.

I love a story with an End. Who the killer was, their life, their killing spree, the process of capture & then the law outcome.

The author Kate Kray is a lady who was married to a famous gangster. I really don’t care about her background. What made me buy the books was the content.


The only thing that made me cringe was the writers personal opinion on her last paragraph:

”They are the chief spirits of pure evil and the enemy of God”

” Knowing the details of the brutal murders that these serial killers committed again and again, I can see no option other than to excuse these monsters. They are pure evil through and trough and I strongly believe they will burn in the pit of hell”.

Now I know what these serial killers have done, I have ready psychopathy books to figure out their actions and I don’t hold such a strong opinion where these killers are from or where they deserve to be. I could say the same thing for people who kill animals or consume animals products. Lets not even start with people who parade themselves in animal fur. that is another chapter all together.

I thought the best approach to review the book, is by making different chapters.because every time I read about one of the killers, I have questions and thoughts.

In my next post, I will write about the first five killers from the ”Top 20 worst crimes” of the book. trust me, it will be interesting.

The London underground Serial Killer

As you can see, I am posing away with a book which at the time was an OK book, The writer Geoff Platt explained he was a detective for the London Police. Yes, the book caught my eye from the very beginning, I mean look at that cover! (I know, you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover), but when I read the synopsis, I though this was THE book and I was sold.

The first chapter and maybe the second chapter was interesting, then that was it. For some reason the writer thought, that the readers might want to know about the underground history for each Northern line station, and I mean EACH ONE. Then at the very end, it became interesting again because he decided to write about the killer again. However there were paragraphs in which he just explains how a witness had to get ready for court or the whole court proceedings with insignificant details for seven pages.

The book itself only contained information about the killer for maybe 20 pages out of 370 pages. Unfortunately I was lied and deceived when I bought the book. It took me over six months to finish the book, because in reality every time I tried, I just kept falling asleep.

I didn’t buy the book to know about how the underground became to be or how each station was made.

What a complete waste of time, paper and money.


For that reason, I give this book a 0 out of 10.


Tania Beltran

Long Island serial Killer

I just watched a documentary about the killings in Long island, New York.

11 bodies were found during the course of the time and each one of them were killed in different years.

After watching the Channel 4 documentary, I tried to look it up through the helpful media website call Google, to this day they haven’t found a suspect. Two more bodies have been found around the area and there are still girls missing around Long Island.

The documentary portrays the lack of police work at the beginning of each case, which suggests it could have been prevented if they took the families call for help for their missing child seriously.

It is known a phone can be traced to its actual location and that way they could have found the second person that went missing in 2009. As the sister received calls from the killer through her sister’s phone for the period of 7 months. You don’t need to call the phone, as long as the phone is active it can be located as a Sat Nav.

I can’t believe to this day no one has been caught.

Effect true books can do to your mind

I went to Spain the other day, While I was waiting at the airport I browse through all the shops and I ended looking at books. at the book section, somehow as usual I ended looking for real stories, real life…

There was this particular book that caught my eye and I just couldn’t walk away from it, even though it was gruesome and real nightmare. The type of stories directors look for inspiration for their horror film.

Writer Jimmy Lee Shreeve wrote a book of killers who ate human flesh (True Stories).

He titled it ‘Cannibals’.

The beginning of the book caught me and I couldn’t stop reading, I spent two days reading a book that made me sick and wonder why do people reach extreme malice and take pleasure killing others.

I as a person like to have knowledge of different topics, expand my horizons, I have read mythology, Egyptian history, English history, different types of Mafia’s through the times, bibliographies and Greek history.

My brain is like an investigator, it needs to know ‘What happened, how, when, who and why.’

As soon as I had the book in my possession, I felt people were looking at me differently, maybe people like me should not be reading something so graphic.

It certainly gave me a lot to think about, I for one didn’t know there were so much cruelty in the world.

The front cover is of a man looking at the camera, at first I thought it was of the writer but when I was mid way through the book I notice it was of Andrei Chikatilo, a Russian man who killed over 50 children and women. This man was looking at me from the front cover, it gave me chills trough my body so I decided to place a sticker on his face.

The majority of the criminals in the book had a twisted and demented mind, in some cases very intelligent individuals but with a hidden personality.

Apparently each individual had somehow throughout their life lived a traumatic experience and that is why they committed the crimes.

But there is also the option that they had an evil soul crawling inside them, telling them what to do. as some of them appeared to be manipulated by a non existent person.

Either way both circumstances made them revolting individuals.

What shocked me the most was the fact that all those innocent people were not rescued, some of them were not even missed by anyone. Just to think how greatly they suffered waiting for a hero to rescue them like movies usually do.

Is scary the thought that even today we have those same criminals who ate people out there in the world, free to do what they want.

Worse of it all such criminals like Issei Sagawa who has made a living from the horrifying thing he did, and has become famous.

Slow start

Blogging is not for me.

I hardly have anything to talk about.

Recently I realise that I should stop being so gullible. A person offered to help me find a career in my field, I of course believed it because why a person so important would make time to help me out of their way?

Once I contacted the individual. it somehow turn out with loads of obstacles and at the end it turned out it was all a farce.

Told me to apply for charities and write a cover letter explaining why me… and the individual will look at it.

I haven’t bothered to email back as its just an excuse, another barrier not to help me.

I’m starting to realise I’m opening myself to the real cruel world.

I am disappointed.

Either way I notice five people from Russia read my blog and that has made me a bit more content. I never thought anyone would read my blog as is nothing important so far.  So Thank You for taking the time  to read me.

I promise to write more often.

Mostly about the books I am reading. such as the one I just finished Gommorrah By Roberto Saviano.

A book that just gave me an insight in what really happens in  front  of our eyes and we choose not to notice. We don’t want to notice.

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