Takahiro Shiraishi’s serial?

It’s funny how if you google Takahiro Shiraishi’s, all the news articles brands him as a serial killer.

Do they really think the readers doesn’t know what a serial killer means? If you don’t know what it means here it is a Wikipedia explanation;

A serial killer is typically a person who murders three or more people, usually in service of abnormal psychological gratification, with the murders taking place over more than a month and including a significant break (a “cooling off period”) between them.

Now where there any cooling periods on a two month period? I don’t think so! and ‘murders’ that is correct, so we know for a fact he actually murdered them?!
As far as we are aware he assisted them with their suicide. Which doesn’t make him a serial killer.  And you know what is the most funniest thing of this so stating articles? They state;

Police are searching for evidence he killed all nine. So far he has been charged with improper disposal of one body.

So basically he is technically NOT a serial Killer YET!

Maybe I am hoping this guy has exhibit a new class of crime. A crime we have never seen before. I know I am asking for a lot, and so far it’s not looking great.

It looks like he has admitted to commit the ‘’crimes’’ because of sexual and wealth reasons. Which makes him just part of the desperate bunch who kill for personal gain and impulse…but what if he just said that to profile him as a normal being? What if, he is a creation of Issei Sagawa impact in the Japanese media world?! Now wouldn’t that be like CRAZY! Yes, I thought straight away maybe Mr Shiraishi’s might have cannibal tendencies and that is why he made all this twitters accounts and prepared his moves, but so far police have said he threw away some body parts to the trash…

I guess i’ll have to wait for some more information.



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