Paranormal manifestation

This is a random post.

People that know me, know that I believe in paranormal, I wouldn’t say I am fascinated by all categories, but I always known and said, that there is energies out there. Probably when we die we turn into this energy. Yes, I have had experiences which I am not going to write about. But I just want to write about the fact of little things I picked up throughout my years.

I always believed that if you don’t want that presence around you, you need to stop it from happening. Ignore it, don’t give it attention. And that energy will leave you alone. Which is what has happened to me several times. I think this is why I try no to open up myself again, because I don’t want the same experiences to happen for the 7th time. And yes every time it was a different energy. I have to admit that not all of them have been unpleasant. I have tried to close away bad energy and I try my best to open myself to positive energy.

I also have said that when people give attention to a place where people have died. The more likely they will feel a presence, or witnesses will talk about paranormal activity they have felt and seen manifest itself.

Now why will someone feel a presence in an unknown place? Because that person has opened the perception to feel something, and that energy will appear like wildfire.

Funny enough I was listening to Tim Swartz in an podcast interview, have to admit the podcast itself was the worse…. with prolonged music and unnecessary intro, but Mr Swartz said out loud what I knew all along! He confirmed my theory!

Yes, I haven’t talked to ”professionals” per say about paranormal. I am sceptical about people who want to gain money from people who are desperately in need. Now I don’t know anything about Mr Swartz, but I do know he said what I always knew. And it feels great! That is not just me that believes it!


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