From 23andMe to Nutrigenomix

Couple of months ago, I decided to buy 23andme Test. I was excited and couldn’t wait to receive my results.

I made a video of different stages and so far until now, I haven’t made the effort to make an update video.

Check my video below:


Now, I took into consideration several people suggestions and yes, I did download my raw data to two different databases.
GED Match was tricky to understand and jus left it be, and the DNA Land was nice and user friendly.

Now, I will make a video eventually.
The other day I read about food and genetics. How our genes determines what we should consume to help us maintain a perfect weight.
As soon as I read it, I had a look through the Company that is advertising the service around the world (Nutrigenomix). For some reason the ”nutrition” places around me didn’t offer the service, so I decided to email them to ask if my raw data from 23andme would still work.
Unfortunately for the moment it doesn’t… but they are looking to develop a tool. However for my case, I will need to do a new sample as the representative quoted;

 They do not have data on 6-8 of the 45 genetics markers that we examine (the number of missing markers depends on when you ordered your 23andMe test and which panel they used at the time) 

So that is all for now. I think I will have a think if I should go further with the test. As it hasn’t sold me completely.

If you have done it, has it worked for you? would you recommend it?


Tania Beltran


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