The Worlds 20 Worst Crimes (Book Review part 1)

I bought the book  ”The worlds 20 worst crimes”  because it caught my eye, the fact that it was made as a must read  for a devotee of True Crime, THE Serial Killer book. It grasped my attention, reading the list of serial killers and the synopsis, I just had to buy the book.

I must say before I continue, that I am the person who loves stories, I was that kind of child that begged family members to tell me stories, no matter what it was. Now as an adult, I read books like mythology which reveals stories from different gods, such as Greek gods to Egyptian etc, and therefore I have ended up reading books with mini horror stories.

I love a story with an End. Who the killer was, their life, their killing spree, the process of capture & then the law outcome.

The author Kate Kray is a lady who was married to a famous gangster. I really don’t care about her background. What made me buy the books was the content.


The only thing that made me cringe was the writers personal opinion on her last paragraph:

”They are the chief spirits of pure evil and the enemy of God”

” Knowing the details of the brutal murders that these serial killers committed again and again, I can see no option other than to excuse these monsters. They are pure evil through and trough and I strongly believe they will burn in the pit of hell”.

Now I know what these serial killers have done, I have ready psychopathy books to figure out their actions and I don’t hold such a strong opinion where these killers are from or where they deserve to be. I could say the same thing for people who kill animals or consume animals products. Lets not even start with people who parade themselves in animal fur. that is another chapter all together.

I thought the best approach to review the book, is by making different chapters.because every time I read about one of the killers, I have questions and thoughts.

In my next post, I will write about the first five killers from the ”Top 20 worst crimes” of the book. trust me, it will be interesting.


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