The London underground Serial Killer

As you can see, I am posing away with a book which at the time was an OK book, The writer Geoff Platt explained he was a detective for the London Police. Yes, the book caught my eye from the very beginning, I mean look at that cover! (I know, you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover), but when I read the synopsis, I though this was THE book and I was sold.

The first chapter and maybe the second chapter was interesting, then that was it. For some reason the writer thought, that the readers might want to know about the underground history for each Northern line station, and I mean EACH ONE. Then at the very end, it became interesting again because he decided to write about the killer again. However there were paragraphs in which he just explains how a witness had to get ready for court or the whole court proceedings with insignificant details for seven pages.

The book itself only contained information about the killer for maybe 20 pages out of 370 pages. Unfortunately I was lied and deceived when I bought the book. It took me over six months to finish the book, because in reality every time I tried, I just kept falling asleep.

I didn’t buy the book to know about how the underground became to be or how each station was made.

What a complete waste of time, paper and money.


For that reason, I give this book a 0 out of 10.


Tania Beltran


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