I failed

Looking back at my last post. I can’t believe is been over two years!

I haven’t achieved what I was determined to do. Instead I been living my life just like any other regular person.( trying to earn money to survive).

I had ambition when I was at university, and now that flare has wasted away with the whiff of reality and corruption everywhere I set my eyes on.

I now understand, how people keep quiet and continue with their lives on their own way.

I think, I have become that person. The person I never wanted to be. The person, who is not out there helping ladies who doesn’t have a voice of their own.

Why? because, I feel I don’t have that voice for them, I don’t even have the voice for me!

The times, I let people talk to me like I am worthless. Only, because I am too scared to stand up to myself.

Is scary how many people out there live their life’s with NO CARE for other human beings or welfare of animals, I watch from afar, people wearing leather/ fur like is the best thing they have achieved within their small narrow minded life.

Yes, I have been beaten, to the cruel reality of life and today’s selfish and greedy world.

I been focusing on helping people near me, and also trying to help myself, not to succumb to this horrid era that I am unfortunate to live in.

I stopped myself, from becoming a journalist, because I was scared of my small 10% dyslexia.

Is hard to admit my failures, but here it is.

World 1. Tania 0, World you won.


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