Long Island serial Killer

I just watched a documentary about the killings in Long island, New York.

11 bodies were found during the course of the time and each one of them were killed in different years.

After watching the Channel 4 documentary, I tried to look it up through the helpful media website call Google, to this day they haven’t found a suspect. Two more bodies have been found around the area and there are still girls missing around Long Island.

The documentary portrays the lack of police work at the beginning of each case, which suggests it could have been prevented if they took the families call for help for their missing child seriously.

It is known a phone can be traced to its actual location and that way they could have found the second person that went missing in 2009. As the sister received calls from the killer through her sister’s phone for the period of 7 months. You don’t need to call the phone, as long as the phone is active it can be located as a Sat Nav.

I can’t believe to this day no one has been caught.


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