Effect true books can do to your mind

I went to Spain the other day, While I was waiting at the airport I browse through all the shops and I ended looking at books. at the book section, somehow as usual I ended looking for real stories, real life…

There was this particular book that caught my eye and I just couldn’t walk away from it, even though it was gruesome and real nightmare. The type of stories directors look for inspiration for their horror film.

Writer Jimmy Lee Shreeve wrote a book of killers who ate human flesh (True Stories).

He titled it ‘Cannibals’.

The beginning of the book caught me and I couldn’t stop reading, I spent two days reading a book that made me sick and wonder why do people reach extreme malice and take pleasure killing others.

I as a person like to have knowledge of different topics, expand my horizons, I have read mythology, Egyptian history, English history, different types of Mafia’s through the times, bibliographies and Greek history.

My brain is like an investigator, it needs to know ‘What happened, how, when, who and why.’

As soon as I had the book in my possession, I felt people were looking at me differently, maybe people like me should not be reading something so graphic.

It certainly gave me a lot to think about, I for one didn’t know there were so much cruelty in the world.

The front cover is of a man looking at the camera, at first I thought it was of the writer but when I was mid way through the book I notice it was of Andrei Chikatilo, a Russian man who killed over 50 children and women. This man was looking at me from the front cover, it gave me chills trough my body so I decided to place a sticker on his face.

The majority of the criminals in the book had a twisted and demented mind, in some cases very intelligent individuals but with a hidden personality.

Apparently each individual had somehow throughout their life lived a traumatic experience and that is why they committed the crimes.

But there is also the option that they had an evil soul crawling inside them, telling them what to do. as some of them appeared to be manipulated by a non existent person.

Either way both circumstances made them revolting individuals.

What shocked me the most was the fact that all those innocent people were not rescued, some of them were not even missed by anyone. Just to think how greatly they suffered waiting for a hero to rescue them like movies usually do.

Is scary the thought that even today we have those same criminals who ate people out there in the world, free to do what they want.

Worse of it all such criminals like Issei Sagawa who has made a living from the horrifying thing he did, and has become famous.


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