Slow start

Blogging is not for me.

I hardly have anything to talk about.

Recently I realise that I should stop being so gullible. A person offered to help me find a career in my field, I of course believed it because why a person so important would make time to help me out of their way?

Once I contacted the individual. it somehow turn out with loads of obstacles and at the end it turned out it was all a farce.

Told me to apply for charities and write a cover letter explaining why me… and the individual will look at it.

I haven’t bothered to email back as its just an excuse, another barrier not to help me.

I’m starting to realise I’m opening myself to the real cruel world.

I am disappointed.

Either way I notice five people from Russia read my blog and that has made me a bit more content. I never thought anyone would read my blog as is nothing important so far.  So Thank You for taking the time  to read me.

I promise to write more often.

Mostly about the books I am reading. such as the one I just finished Gommorrah By Roberto Saviano.

A book that just gave me an insight in what really happens in  front  of our eyes and we choose not to notice. We don’t want to notice.


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