Back to face reality my first Blog from 20th July 2012

Today after many years I decided to go back to reality.

After my graduation at university I stopped caring about news and what was happening in South America.

I felt that when I was at university it was my duty to give my all and have the knowledge for everyone around me. I notice it is a full time job and mentally exhausting.

For one I can’t do anything  about the situation around me, it is bigger than me, and secondly my mind will worry nonstop.

But then I have nothing else going in my life.

I am trying to dedicate my life into Human Rights, my real life dream.

Be able to help others, that don’t have the voice to stand up for themselves or the force to run away.

I know every country has its problems and violations.

My roots are from Colombia and I feel is my duty to help Colombia and give awareness to others, people who doesn’t really know what is happening.

Today was just my first day to awaking my real self.

I can’t rely myself on the news so I’ll have to talk to people in Colombia to know what is happening.

I am grateful to have several human rights lawyers in Colombia that can tell me what the new president and I say ‘new’ because I really haven’t tried to know what he has done for the country, for the past soon to be two years…

That way I can get myself aware of the situation with my own judgment.

I know no one will actually read this.

This blog is for me mostly because I want reach a state of fulfillment with myself.


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